Hempture Irish Kush CBD Bud-Wafers



+ 150mg of 99.9% Pure CBD crystal

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Organic Hemp Buds infused with 150mg of 99.9% pure CBD

Our signature, world famous, organically grown Hempture Irish Kush CBD strain is now available in a new format – BUD-WAFERS.

The nugs are made using a High Pressure Hydraulic heat press with over 2 TONS of pressure. Each bud is infused with 150mg of 99.9% pure CBD crystal.

The result is a highly concentrated extract in the form of a paper tin bud-wafer that has the texture of shatter to a certain extent, slightly brittle so it can be broke up with a little force. Fits perfectly in your wallet!

The CBD crystallization process consists of two major events, nucleation and crystal growth which are driven by thermodynamic properties as well as chemical properties. In crystallization Nucleation is the step where the solute molecules or atoms dispersed in the solvent start to gather into clusters, the temperature to acheive decarboxation is not applied during the process which results in the final product keeping all its qualities.

The Terpenes, flavour and aroma have been intensified. Each wafer weights no less than 1.5g. A little goes a long way!